Nashville Copes With Heaviest Snowfall Since July

The Metro-Davidson area was bombarded today by a snowstorm the likes of which, local meteorologists note, hasn’t been seen since this past summer.  Nashvillians bravely took to the roadways during the afternoon rush hour, despite there being estimated accumulation of up to 0.0001 inches.


“Frankly, I wouldn’t blame people if they decided to abandon their cars and walk home in this mess” said WKRN forcaster Justin Bruce, via phone interview.  “Personally, I’m not even risking it.  I’ve got some blankets spread on the floor in the Stormtracker Weather Center, and I told my wife an hour ago that I’m staying here for the next day or two until it melts down to a safe level for travel.”

WSMV’s Lisa Spencer echoed Bruce’s sentiments, telling the Rhinestone “Snowbird and I are hunkered down.  We sent an intern to Kroger on a dogsled, and he should be back in a few hours with a few crates of bread and milk.  This is the worst snowfall that we’ve had to cope with since that liquid snowfall in July.  I’ve let my family know that, if they don’t hear from me again, I love them.”

Members of the WTVF News team couldn’t be reached due to collapsed phone lines, but former WTVF anchor Chris Clarke commented via email “If I know my Channel  5 family, they’re probably coping bravely.  They’ll come through this safely, and I’ll… see ‘em then.”  Reports from WZTV’s headquarters indicate that senior staffers have begun to eat their assistants for either sustenance or amusement.


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15 thoughts on “Nashville Copes With Heaviest Snowfall Since July

    • hahaha right! I lived in denver and when it says snow and blizzard conditions you can literally be snowed it. Not oh shit, the roads are slick due to flurries not sticking and everyone freaks out..WOW not that big of a deal. good ol southerners

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