Vegas Bookies Favor Boy Band “One Direction” over Titans by 14 Points

Following Tuesday morning’s announcement that Brit-Pop boy band One Direction will play Nashville’s LP field in the fall of 2014, bookies in Las Vegas immediately began taking bets which offer a 14-point spread favoring One Direction over the Tennessee Titans.


“I don’t think it’ll be a blowout by any means, but you gotta recognize that the British kids have got the edge here” explained Harold Chiavo, a Las Vegas sports bookie.  “One Direction is the #1 British pop act and they’re all age 21 or younger.  The Titans, on the other hand, are 5 and 6 right now, and the only single any of their players has ever released was that awful one by Pacman Jones, and he’s with the Bengals now.  When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, what the Titans have in experience, the boy band makes up for in youth, agility, and not having Jake Locker on their roster.  It doesn’t take a genius to work out that 1D will take the Titans handily, and I’d say a two touchdown spread is about right.”

One Direction will be playing LP Field next August 19th as part of their 2014 Stadium Tour.  In other Music/Sports news, Brad Paisley’s management announced today that he will be playing at Bridgestone Arena next February 22nd alongside other country stars Chris Young and Danielle Bradbery, news which doesn’t worry Nashville Predators’ head coach Barry Trotz.  In a phone interview with the Rhinestone, Trotz claimed “I’m confident my guys can take ‘em.  Young and Bradbery are spirited, but they’re no match for Pekka [Rinne, goalie for the Predators].  As for Paisley, I watched the CMA’s and I don’t think he knows how to pass to a teammate any better than we do.  Let ‘em come!”


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