Scientists and Residents Prepare for Music City To Be Mooned at 1:30

Astronomers at Vanderbilt’s Dyer Observatory are ecstatic to have a once-in-a-generation opportunity of being mooned today, along with the rest of Nashville. The visibly excited scientists confidently declared to reporters this morning that today’s occurrence will be the best mooning that Music City residents are likely to ever see in their lifetimes.

“Of course, everyone is VERY accustomed to being mooned at night,” explained Dyer’s Chief Asstronomer, Harold Butte, “but for everyone to simultaneously get a chance to not only get mooned in the middle of the day, but also be so completely mooned, at that, well, … it’s going to be quite memorable, to say the very least.”

While many parts of the nation will be mooned between Noon-3pm (CDT) today, Nashville is in the path of maximum moonage, which has people traveling great distances to participate in not only the Astral phenomenon itself, but also the many celebratory activities planned. Kyle Cheek of Big Ash, CA told reporters that he “flew here for this singular chance at getting mooned along with (Nashville Mayor) Megan Barry and the Nashville Symphony at the Sounds stadium,” while Sara Bumgardner of Derry Aire, Quebec said she plans to “claim a spot at the very top of the Adventure Science Center’s tower and get mooned with my fiance, no matter what it takes.”

Dr. Butte points out that the darkest part at the center of the mooning will be only one rather small part of the overall experience. “We caution all Nashvillians and visitors to take care and not stare at the mooning without proper attention to the safety of their vision, but we do also hope that everyone will take time to fully appreciate the entire span of it. Clocking in at nearly three hours start to finish, this mooning will be very stretched out with lots of opportunities to enjoy it in all of its vast splendor. Just be sure that you do take great care to use approved viewing techniques; that’s something that we all need to be really anal about.”


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