WZTV’s Scott Couch Spends Day Busking as Pence Impersonator

Hoping to supplement his income by capitalizing on today’s Music City visit by President Donald Trump, Fox 17 reporter Scott Couch has reportedly taken to busking on downtown streets, earning extra money as a Vice President Pence impersonator.  According to witnesses, the long-time stalwart of WZTV news is offering to have his picture taken with and/or sign fake autographs for passersby for a suggested donation of $5 or $2 respectively.

“It’s just uncanny!  He looks just like him!” noted Ethel Santolini, a retired clock-repair specialist from Alabama who took her picture with Couch this afternoon while vacationing in Nashville.  “I had to do a double-take and then told my husband, ‘Harry, quick get a picture!’  I can’t wait to show all my friends back home in Montgomery; they’ll all be so jealous.  He was just so friendly and pleasant and interesting to talk to, too!  That, really, was the only way that I could be sure that he wasn’t the genuine article.”

Couch isn’t the only local news personality to be found wandering Nashville’s streets lately, and the four-time Emmy-winner says that he’s glad that both locals and out-of-towners seem to be welcoming his new “side-gig”.  Couch told Rhinestone reporters that while his venture today isn’t the first time he’s impersonated Pence, but it has certainly been his most successful attempt.  “Nobody in Nashville seemed interested until today, but I’ve already made $30 since 10am!  Before this, starting back in November, I tried offering my [Pence impersonator] services for kids’ birthday parties, but the only gigs I got were down in Smyrna, and there’s no amount in the world worth going there.”


Street corner photo found at https://www.pinterest.com/jennacrossman/nashville3/. Scott Couch photo found at http://fox17.com/station/people/scott-couch.

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