Spectators Shocked by Nailbiting Predator Win On Election Night

Nashvillians, and indeed the rest of the country and the world, watched with baited breath last night to see if there would be a Predator victory on election night.  Despite some very tense moments during which it felt like the game was still anybody’s to win, die-hard Predator supporters emerged victorious and emboldened, leaving many supporters of the opposing team wondering exactly how they lost and how to move forward.


“I really didn’t think there would be a Predator win tonight.  I absolutely can’t understand how it could have come to this” noted Sarah Wieczlowski, a lifelong Antioch resident who emphatically is not a Predator supporter.  “The opposition played hard and played well, and to have lost to the Pred-… I just …  I… holy ****ing ****, what sort of ******* world are we living in today?  I mean, seriously.  What the actual ****, people?  This can’t be reality!  I can’t believe Predators are getting this much support and can manage to win in this day and age.  I mean, I’m not surprised to see Tennessee at large backing that team; you expect that, growing up here like I did.  But to see Predators get such enthusiastic support elsewhere, being competitive, and even eking out a win?  I’m just heartbroken and absolutely disgusted.  It’s shameful.”

When asked for comment, Nashville Predators mascot Gnash merely replied that he is now extremely fearful of being inappropriately grabbed.


Crowd picture found at http://www.smh.com.au/world/us-election/us-election-2016-live-polls-and-results-for-donald-trump-and-hillary-clinton-20161108-gskvfd.html

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