Welcome to The Rhinestone

The Rhinestone is a work of satire, and is intended for the purpose of humorous entertainment only.

It should be assumed that all events, people, and quotes found within this blog are entirely fictional.  Occasionally, public notable figures (celebrities, politicians, historical figures) and actual events and locations may be referenced; these are only used as context for the humorous fiction, and should also be regarded as entirely fictional and are included without obtaining the permission of the person/event/place.

Whenever possible, pictures taken from other websites to illustrate blog-posts will be credited to the original source.  If the original source cannot be found/credited, the website from which the photo was taken is listed instead.  Some photos are obviously photoshopped for humorous effect.

All blog posts, unless otherwise noted, are the creation and sole property of Bob Roberts, editor and chief reporter for The Rhinestone.  (Basically, there’s no budget to pay other writers and/or photographers yet).

Again, nothing here should be assumed to be factual.  It’s all a joke.  Don’t take it seriously, or people will think poorly of you.

In other words, please don’t sue us.

The views of this blog, and the opinions expressed therein, do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this blog.




(For more on why I’m doing this, my thoughts on the subject matter/style of this blog, and how to contact The Rhinestone, please read http://nashvillerhinestone.com/2012/03/20/about-the-rhinestone-and-my-thoughts-on-satirical-humor/)

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