Report: “Sexy Karl Dean” is #1 Nashville Women’s Halloween Costume

Early sales reports from local costumers indicate that, overwhelmingly, the most popular female Halloween costume in Nashville this year is a sultry ensemble referred to as “Sexy Karl Dean”.

“Frankly, we just can’t keep them in stock” explains Joan Fachilla, a cashier at the popular Thompson Lane costume shop Perfomance Studios.  “Every single Karl Dean female outfit that comes in has gone right back out the door within minutes of hitting the sales floor.  Several of my friends are having to make their own since they can’t buy them.  It’s really not that hard to make, either.  Just buy or make a Karl Dean mask, wear a sexy, form-fitting business suit, and talk to everyone at the party about really good ideas for invigorating business downtown.”

Sales figures from Performance and from the national chain-store Spirit Halloween indicate Nashville women have purchased at least five-times as many “Sexy Karl Dean” outfits compared with “Sexy Bill Haslam” outfits, a popular-seller last year.  Vanderbilt Political Science professor Dr. Gene Willingham speculates that this popularity of Nashville’s Democratic Mayor over Tennessee’s Republican Governor could signal a change in the local voting temperament.  “Sales of Presidential masks during an election year are a tried-and-true way of feeling out the populace’s leanings, and this could certainly also be taken as a similar indicator along that vein.  However, it’s not an exact science and should be taken with a grain of salt.  Let us not forget that while Haslam sold big in 2011, he was also out-sold in 2010 by ‘Sexy Basil Marceaux’.”


Karl Dean picture found at

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