Channel 4 Matches Channel 2’s Offer to Snowbird

WSMV announced today that they have signed Snowbird to an exclusive 14-year contract with their news department, having matched an offer extended by rival network WKRN last week.

“I’m looking forward to continuing my relationship with Channel 4” said Snowbird at a press conference this morning, referring to the local NBC Affiliate.  “We’ve done great work here, and I anticipate many years ahead doing even more.”

WSMV on-air personality Snowbird, who will remain with the station through at least 2026.

WKRN, the ABC Affiliate station in Nashville, had recently offered Snowbird $75 million dollars and all the sardines he can eat over 14 years.  WSMV matched the offer yesterday, and sweetened the deal by promising to never show the 1984 “Snowbird’s Christmas Special” again.

“I had to make the deal that makes to most sense for me and my family, so of course I did consider [WKRN’s] offer” admitted the school-closure-announcing flightless-fowl.  “But Channel 4 is my home, and when they matched the offer, it was an easy choice.  I’m here to stay, and to tell you that Saint Pius X and Sumner County Schools are closed due to icy road conditions.”

If Snowbird, a long-time Channel 4 on-air personality in charge of announcing school closures, had accepted the offer to defect to Channel 2, it would have been a serious blow to the already struggling station; WSMV’s weather department experienced a loss late last year with the loss of veteran weatherman Bill Hall, Snowbird’s closest friend.  Adding insult to injury, the weather department was shocked early this year when Snowbird’s frequent collaborator, Myron the Rat, announced he was leaving to accept an anchor position on Fox News.

Myron the Rat, Snowbird’s frequent collaborator and co-star of the “Snowbird Christmas Special”, will replace Glen Beck this fall on Fox News.


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