Mayor Dean “Putting The Band Back Together”, Plays Rooftop Concert

During a press event to kick off the celebration of Metropolitan Davidson County Government’s 50th Anniversary, Mayor Karl Dean reunited with the four living Metro Mayors today to announce the release of a new album and upcoming tour.

“The wait is over.  We’re putting the band back together” declared Dean to great applause and commotion.  Mayor Dean was joined on stage by Metro Mayors Richard Fulton, Bill Boner, Phil Bredesen, and Bill Purcell.  Immediately following the announcement, the Metro Mayors ran up to the rooftop of the County Courthouse where they performed a brief, impromptu concert before being told to cease by Metro Police.

“I think it’s wonderful” admitted First Lady Michelle Obama, who is in town for a speaking engagement with the African Methodist Episcopal Church conference.  “I’ve been a fan of the Metro Mayors for years, and my girls have been practically raised on their music.  We may have to have them play a show at the White House.”

The reunion of the Metro Mayors coincides with the beginning of Metro Davidson County’s Golden Anniversary.  In 1963, the City of Nashville and the surrounding Davidson County merged their governments in order to eliminate duplicative public services; the move also effectively annexed or absorbed all other Davidson County municipalities, excepting Lakewood which did not become a part of Metro until 2011.

From the album cover of The Metro Mayors’ 1967 recording “Silliman Evans Lonely Hearts Club Bridge”.

Since that time, the Metro Mayors have been regarded as a musical force to be reckoned with.  Many historians agree that their 1967 album “Silliman Evans Lonely Hearts Club Bridge” marked a turning point for both Nashville culture and music in general.  Since the Mayors disbanded, their solo careers have differed wildly; Bredesen went on to become a two-term Governor of Tennessee, while Boner’s attempts at becoming a talk-show harmonica artist ended dismally.  However, music fans still cling to their cherished copies of the Mayors’ “Exile on Demonbreun” and “Electric Opryland” albums as evidence that modern Rock-and-Roll Music was truly born in Music City.

Invitation for today’s press conference

“We’re really excited to be playing  together again” noted bassist Bill Purcell.  “The fans have been clamoring for years, and honestly, I think we all missed it.  It’s gonna be a lot of fun.”  The new album, due out this November, will be titled “Briley Parkway Revisited” in honor of deceased Metro Mayors founding-member Beverly Briley.  Lead vocalist Bredesen told reporters “While nobody can ever really replace Beverly, we have confidence that John Stamos will do a suitable job filling in for him on the upcoming tour.”


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