Shane Co., Genesis Diamonds to Settle Matters in Cage Match

Jewelers Boaz Ramon and Tom Shane announced Sunday that they “will settle things once and for all” in a steel-cage death-match at the beginning of June, spurring furious debate and speculation over what will happen to Nashville in the aftermath.

Left: Boaz Ramon of Genesis Diamonds, circa 2001; Right: Tom Shane of Shane Company, photo undated

Ramon, founder of Nashville-based Genesis Diamonds, and Shane, owner of Colorado-based Shane Company with a franchise in Cool Springs, held a joint press-conference Sunday at the Opryland Hotel to explain the unorthadox decision, declaring that they mutually felt this to be the only viable solution.

“We honestly feel that enough is enough, and it’s time to end things, one way or the other” declared a visibly-angred Shane. “My family’s honor will no longer suffer the indignity of vicious attacks on our integrity perpetrated by Mr. Ramon, his associates, and his marketing team. Boaz, you’re going down, and you won’t be getting back up from this. When we enter that cage June 6th, brother, we may both be in the diamond business, but I am NOT your friend.”

An equally-enraged Ramon also noted “The kid-gloves are coming off, Shane. You haven’t known the kind of misery that I will unleash upon your head. Your over-priced diamonds won’t cut you out of the bars of that steel cage. There’s no place you could run, there’s no place you can hide, you can’t escape my retribution. Forget value; this time, my accent is on PAIN!”

In recent years, the competing jewlers have aired increasingly-aggressive advertisements on Nashville-area radio stations. While these radio spots began as seemingly-generic & without reference to any specific industry rivals, the ads for Shane Company and Genesis Diamonds have over time become less-vague and more openly-targeted at vilifying one another. The steel-cage death-match is the newest development, and could potentially be the last chapter, of this ongoing rivalry-saga if Ramon is correct in his assertion that “when the match is over, that’s the end of this.”

The match, to occur at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on June 6th, has already sparked controversy amongst many area residents and sports enthusiasts, with the largest debate raging over the choice to have the match commentated by WWE announcer Justin Roberts. Many feel that the match should be called by the “Voice of the Tennessee Titans” Mike Keith; however, Keith noted to reporters at the press conference that he felt his involvement might be conflict of interest since he is employed by Genesis Diamonds as their spokesman in the very commercials which lie at the heart of this dispute. Speculation amongst Nashville sports experts believed that the commentator job would then go to Christy Hemme, a former-wrestler and now announcer for Nashville-based TNA Impact Wrestling; however, WWE personality Roberts was subsequently reported as the official commentator through a press-release by that organization this morning as part of an effort to avoid a “hometown bias” in the commentary.

A less-prominent concern to Nashville is what will happen to local radio if this event truly does “settle things” between the two warring gemologists. Fred Kirby, 2012 President of the Nashville Radio Station Coalition, noted that an end to the precious-stone fued could be disasterous for his industry. “Thinly-veilded attack ads from Shane Company and Genesis Diamonds currently account for 60% of all radio advertising in the Greater Nashville listening market. If we lose that business, almost every station in town would be at risk of going under. We’d be doomed.”

Tickets for the upcoming match will be available exclusively on Ticketmaster for about five minutes, and subsequently available on several ticket-scalper sites at twice their face value afterwards.

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