Carmike Announces Plans to Give Murfreesboro a Big D

On Friday, Carmike Cinemas of Columbus, GA announced their intention to build a new, nine-screen theatre in Murfreesboro’s Stones River Mall, former home to Carmike’s Stones River Cinema Six. In addition to more screens, upgraded seats, and a full dining experience, the fourth-largest theater chain in America declared that they are excited to be giving Murfreesboro a Big D.

“Murfreesboro is going to love getting a Big D, and we can’t wait to give it to them” explained Silas Johnson, a spokesman for Carmike. Big D, Carmike’s name for their signature cinema experience (analogous to Regal Cinemas’ RPX auditoriums), includes a super-sized screen, state-of-the-art digital 2D and 3D projection, and top-of-the-line audio equipment. “For those who don’t know what to expect with a Big D, let me just say that it’s an experience like no other.  Franklin, TN was the first city that we gave a Big D back in 2010, and they absolutely loved it. Since then, we’ve had our Big D’s in cities all over America, and we think it’s high time that we come again to Middle Tennessee and put one in Murfreesboro. They’ll be amazed, we guarantee it. Movie-goers will be shouting for more once they’ve experienced Big D!”

Johnson enthusiastically noted that the Big D screen will be approximately 70ft wide, even if it might not actually look that big in-person.  Additionally, all nine auditoriums at the new cinema will be equipped with electronic, recliner chairs, and patrons will be able to have concessions, or even entire meals, served to them at their seats as part of a “Cinema Grille” concept.  “We want this to feel luxurious for our customers, and to let the audience know that we’re being responsive to their wants and needs.  Whether you’re taking in a show in one of our eight traditional auditoriums, or taking in a Big D, we want movie fans to be able to lie back, relax, have something to nibble on, if they choose, and know that they’re always the ones in control of their experience with us” explained Johnson.

Plans for the proposed theater will be discussed at Wednesday afternoon’s meeting of the Murfreesboro Planning Commission.  “That’s going to be a big meeting for us” noted Johnson.  “We’d never in a million years even consider putting a Big D in Murfreesboro without their full and considered consent.  That’s the most important part of this process; anyone who thinks otherwise shouldn’t be trusted.”  Johnson said that Carmike hopes the City of Murfreesboro will have the same kind of positive response to their proposal that the Stones River Mall’s ownership has given.  “Ever since we made the agreement, the Mall’s team has been giggling practically non-stop, and we’re thrilled to see our partner so excited!”

In response to The Rhinestone’s inquiry, Johnson did confirm that Carmike once named their own computer system “I.Q. Zero”, but noted that he did not see how the question was in any way relevant.  “What’s in a name?” said Johnson.


Photo of Carmike marquis found at

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