Steven Tyler Seeking Collaborator for “Honk This Way [Tonk This Way]”

As work continues on his forthcoming solo album with Dot Records (a division of the Big Machine label), Aerosmith front-man and rock-legend-turned-country-artist Steven Tyler has announced that he is currently seeking a collaborator for a new single to be titled “Honk This Way [Tonk This Way]”.  The 68-year-old former American Idol judge describes the planned single as “a modern-country reimagining of Aerosmith’s rock classic”.


“It’s, y’see, it’ll just be fun, so I want to find someone fun to work on it with” explained Tyler during an interview between sets at last week’s CMA Fest.  “The original ‘Walk This Way’ is a classic, so this version will have that instant recognition factor going for it, but it was also so much fun re-working it with Run DMC in the 80s for a new audience, that I gotta believe country fans would like their own version, too.  And truthfully, the lyrics barely need to change at all to fit in with most of what passes as ‘country’ these days, anyway.  ‘Walk This Way’ is already overtly sexual in an awkwardly misogynistic way; we’ll probably work in a new reference to a truck or moonlight or something, but otherwise, we can keep the words as is and just add some pedal steel and people shouting “yee haw” in the bridge.  It’ll just be great, man.  It can’t miss!”

So far, Tyler admits, no country artists have stepped forward to assist him with the proposed collaboration, but he refuses to give up.  “I’d love to get someone really talented to work with on this.  Someone that will bring their own fan base, credibility, and integrity to it, yeah, but also someone who can bring a sense of genuine musical artistry as well.  If I can’t find anyone like that, though… hell, man, I’m even willing to settle for Florida-Georgia Line or Luke Bryan.  That’s how badly I want to do this.”

Tyler refused to either confirm or deny rumors that the proposed single would be accompanied by two more country reimaginings in the same vein, reportedly called “Strum On” and “Toys in Y’all’s Hay Loft”, as B-sides.  He did, however, disclose that at future concerts, his microphone stand will be adorned with red-and-white-checked-gingham scarves.  Meanwhile, former Hootie and the Blowfish frontman Darius Rucker could not be reached for comment because he was “busy off singing that damn ‘Wagon Wheel’ song again someplace or other”, according to his manager.


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