Britton, “Nashville” Cast Begin Preparing for Community Theatre Auditions

Noting that open-call season auditions have already occurred for most of the Metro area’s professional theatre companies, Connie Britton remarked today that she and her Nashville castmates are now preparing themselves for upcoming auditions at various local community theatres.  The former Friday Night Lights star’s comment comes after the announcement that the ABC Network has chosen not to renew their prime-time soap opera, Nashville, for a fifth season this fall.

britton waiting room

“I’m going to miss playing Rayna [Jaymes, protagonist of ABC’s Nashville] a lot, but I have to focus on what’s next for me as an actress now” explained Britton on Saturday’s edition of the WCJK-FM morning show.  “Personally, I’m really excited about some of the roles that I can go after on ACT 1 [Theatre]’s season.  I’ve always wanted to do Angels In America, and I have a good feeling about getting into Reefer Madness with them, too.  I might go out for some Circle Players shows as well, but I don’t know what they’ll be doing next season yet, and besides, I know that Hayden [Panettiere of Nashville] has been itching to get in with them and I’d hate to cause any sort of drama if I got cast as something she wanted.”

Britton noted that not all of her co-stars are abandoning paid, professional acting and setting their sights on community theatre just yet.  “Chip [Esten], Sam [Palladio], and Maisy [Stella] apparently spent all day Thursday at the Opry House doing a callback for the Grinch show that’s going to happen there, and I’ve been listening to Clare [Bowen] get her audition ready for Nashville Rep; she wants to get into The Next Five Years so bad she can taste it.  I think she can do it, too!  Personally, I’d love to be in their production of Noises Off, so maybe I’ll join her at their auditions.”

However, Britton confessed to WCJK’s on-air personality “Moose” that her own hopes and aspirations were mostly pinned to the various non-professional, community troupes around town.  “Pay’s not an issue for me, and really, I’ve just got a burning desire to be onstage at the Darkhorse Theater.  Now, with Nashville off my plate and out of the way, I can really focus on making that be my new reality.  I just hope and pray that Nicole Kidman doesn’t show up and try to shut me out.  I’m going to overtake her in the Nashville Scene Readers’ Poll Best Local Actor category this year, come Hell or high water!”


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