Depressed Tourist Drowns Sorrows Alone at Pedal Tavern

Wilson McHamish, 35, an Idaho tourist visiting Nashville has reportedly become exceptionally depressed during his ongoing stay in Music City and is currently drowning his sorrows by himself at a Pedal Tavern downtown, according to sources.

pedal-tavern drunk

Witnesses report that McHamish left his hotel at around 5pm yesterday following an afternoon of failing to be entertained at several of the most popular Music City tourist haunts and the onset of a progressively darker mood.  Fellow travelers indicate that Wilson ultimately muttered something about “[you] guys not wanting [me] around anyway” before departing their shared hotel room without leaving any indication of his intended destination.  The sullen Idahoan was next spotted around 6pm at which point he was seated alone on a downtown pedal tavern, reportedly drinking, frowning, and muttering to himself.

“We see this from time to time” explained Sarah Gillespie, the driver, bartender, and only other person in the pedal tavern at which McHamish is currently sitting.  “You see them come up and all they want to do is drink their troubles away.  They don’t want to talk about what’s actually got them down, they don’t want to hear what anyone has to say, and they certainly don’t want a sing-along.  It’s sad, but as a bartender/driver, you get used to it.”
At press time, Gillespie noted that McHamish had now spent the entire night at her pedal tavern avoiding any interaction with other tourists, and had now crossed into dawn of the new morning.  “I’ll have to go home soon, myself,” she explained.  “I’ll give him another ten minutes or so, and then I’m shoving some coffee into his hand and telling ‘you don’t have to go home, but you can’t pedal here.’”  


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