President Obama “Massively Bummed” About Missing Black Keys Concert Last Night

The White House is citing a scheduling error as the cause for President Barack Obama arriving in Nashville a day after rock group The Black Keys played to a massive crowd at downtown’s Bridgstone Arena, an error that has reportedly left the Commander-in-Chief feeling “massively bummed.”


President Barack Obama (right) is reportedly massively bummed to have missed rock group The Black Keys' (left) performance at Bridgestone Arena last evening due to a scheduling mix-up.

President Barack Obama (right) is reportedly “massively bummed” to have missed Nashville rock group The Black Keys’ (left) performance at Bridgestone Arena last evening due to a scheduling mix-up.

“I’ve been really looking forward to seeing them” President Obama told reporters this morning, shortly before boarding Air Force One with Tennessee Congressmen Jim Cooper and Steve Cohen.  “Catching St. Vincent would’ve been nice too, but I’m just such a fan of Dan [Auerbach] and Patrick [Carney], they’re really why I’d have been going. Seeing them at Bridgestone with all those other people just going nuts… man, it would’ve been great.”

Hoping to forestall any criticism from the GOP that his proclamed affection for the Nashville-based rock duo is mere pandering, the Leader of the Free World was quick to point out his longstanding cred as a Black Keys fan.  “Not to be all hipster, but I was into them way before [2010 album] ‘Brothers’ came out; I even wanted to have ‘I Got Mine’ play at the 2008 Convention when I took the stage with Biden.  You know, with that really crunchy guitar riff at the beginning?  How bad**s would that have been?!”

President Obama’s visit to Music City will include a stop at Casa Azafran, an immigrant-oriented community center on Nolensville Road, to discuss his recent move to provide temporary legal status and work permits for undocumented immigrants.  Metro police have taken to local media to warn residents they should expect significant traffic delays due to the Presidential motorcade.  Meanwhile, the White House Scheduling Office has reported that the error which has caused the President to miss the concert is due to a simple oversight in which a staffer “just didn’t look at the tickets closely enough.”

“I’m heartbroken,” noted President Obama, “but as someone who works in politics, I have learned to live with disappointment and will make the best of my visit to Music City.  Since we don’t have to get to Bridgestone early to get good parking, I may just take Michelle and the kids to Game Galaxy in Antioch or Two Bits on Demonbreun so we can have a little fun together, and then maybe see who’s playing at 3rd & Lindsley.  I hope it’s someone good!”


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