Reba Doing Fine After First Week In Museum Display Case

Country superstar Reba McEntire told reporters today that she is “doing just fine, thanks” at the start of her seventh day living in a display case as part of an ongoing exhibit about her career at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.


“It’s really not that bad being up here in the glass case, seeing people go by and waving at them” explained the 58-year-old television, stage, screen, and musical performer.  McEntire spoke to reporters by way of cell phone, due to the glass of her display case obstructing casual, direct conversation.  “Everyone who’s come to the exhibit has been so friendly and enthusiastic, and I just love the way fans’ eyes light up when they get to the end of the tour and see me actually in here along with all the other stuff on display.  That’s what really makes it all worth the hard stuff like being a little cramped-up in here or the occasional rude person tapping on the glass.”

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum opened their highly-anticipated newest exhibit, “Reba: All the Women I Am”, last Friday.  Running through June of 2014, the installation allows museum visitors to stroll leisurely through a display of personal and professional artifacts spanning the nearly four decades of McEntire’s multifaceted career.  Personal items such as a high-school report card, costumes from various films and performances, Grammy and CMA trophies, and even a 2011 Barbie doll modeled after Reba are on display for fans to examine and enjoy.

However, it is having the actual Reba herself on display for eleven months that seems to be making the biggest impact on tourists.  “This really is a coup for us, it’s unprecedented in the museum industry’s history” explains Museum spokesman Gerald Helmer.  “Reba is known for giving graciously of herself to her fans, for being incredibly dedicated to them, but this is going beyond anything we expected when we asked her how much of her life we could put on display.”

When asked about the potential strains associated with spending nearly a year living in a hall-of-fame display case, McEntire noted that she didn’t enter into the venture thoughtlessly.  “I knew this would be the longest and most grueling public performance I’d ever given, so I prepared by spending three months training with David Blaine.  He’s such a sweetheart to have helped me get prepared for this, and even though I won’t be suspended in mid-air or submerged or anything, I definitely think I’m ready now.  I mean let’s face it, if I can spend a week in a recording booth with Ronnie Dunn, this is gonna be kid’s play.”


Reba McEntire photo found at  Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum photo found at

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