Girlfriend Insists Jack FM Doesn’t Really Know What It Wants

Sources close to the couple say that graphic designer Julie Sorenson of Hendersonville and her long-time boyfriend, the radio station Jack FM of Nashville, may be on the verge of separating following a very public argument Wednesday evening; during the dispute in the middle of a Logan’s Roadhouse, Sorenson allegedly accused Jack of not having any idea of what he truly wants.

“She just started getting irate, yelling at him, and making a scene” noted Buzz, an area rock radio station and friend of Jack, who was present during the incident.  “She screamed ‘You keep saying you play what you want!  Well Jack, you’ve played me for far too long, and I don’t think you’ve got the slightest clue what you want.  Until you can settle down and make up your mind, we’re through.  I don’t know why I’ve stayed so long.  All of our relationship has been is just a bunch of wrongs in a row.’  She was being brutal, man.”

According to River, a Nashville-based pop station who introduced the couple, Sorensen is “upset but doing okay” following the dispute.  When asked what Jack will do if the couple can’t reconcile, Buzz replied “Probably sleep on my couch and do an all-80’s weekend, that’s what he usually does after a break-up.”


Broken heart graphic found at

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