Analysts Predict Blackout at Grammys Could Lead to Bentley Comeback in Third Quarter

As the Grammy Awards begin in Los Angeles, analysts predict that the race for “Best Country Solo Performance” might be swayed in the third quarter if the award show experiences a blackout similar to the one experienced last week at the Super Bowl.

dierks terry

“At this point, all the smart money is on either Eric Church or Ronnie Dunn” noted Terry Bradshaw, a former Pittsburgh Steeler and analyst for Fox NFL Sunday.  “However, if the Grammys lose power late in the game, it might give Dierks Bentley a chance to regroup, come from behind, and take home the prize.  I don’t know if Dierks is a very religious fellow, but if he is, I’d tell him to pray for a faulty power relay in L.A. right now.”  Analyst John Madden added “A Blackout is when power is lost to electrical systems and everything goes dark.  It makes it really hard to see things, especially when you’re inside at night.”

The Grammys are airing right now on CBS.


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