Gamblers Bet Furiously Over Which Super Bowl Team Rep. Campfield Will Support

As Super Bowl Sunday draws near, speculation runs rampant over a variety of game-related issues, and illegal bookies are taking bets over every possible bet from “Who will win” to how many songs Beyonce will lip-sync during the halftime show.  However, reporters at The Rhinestone have found that, according to area bookies, the most heavily placed bet is which team State Representative Stacey Campfield will support.


“Really, it could go either way” explained “Terry”, a Nashville bookie [as gambling is still illegal in Tennessee, Terry asked that his real name not be revealed].  Terry noted “Campfield is known for his strong love of Tennessee, so a lot of people think he won’t support the Ravens, what with them being rivals with the Titans.  But since San Francisco’s got so many gay folk, a lot of my clients can’t fathom him rooting for the 49ers either.  The action on this bet is HOT, I’m tellin’ ya!”

For many Tennessee bigots, this year’s Super Bowl does seem to present a major quandary, an issue even more precarious for Stacey Campfield.  Rep. Campfield, a Knoxville Republican, is known for his many anti-gay legislative bills and statements, including the notorious “Don’t Say Gay” bill which he re-introduced this week with a new amendment that would require school employees to tell parents if they suspect a student may be homosexual; in explaining his motivations for the amendment, Rep. Campfield told reporters that “The act of homosexuality is very dangerous to someone’s health and safety” (see quote here).  Campfield has also stated his belief that AIDS originated with a man having intercourse with a monkey, and has also just introduced a bill which would reduce welfare payments to the families of children who struggle with poor grades.

In order to maintain his prominent anti-gay stance, Rep. Campfield would obviously wish to distance himself from anything pertaining to a city like San Francisco, yet supporting a long-time rival of the Titans could come back to haunt him during the 2014 mid-term elections.  So, where’s the betting man’s money going on the issue?

“It’s pretty well split right down the middle” says Terry, “it truly seems to be the only thing his constituents are seeing both sides of.”


Campfield picture found at

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