Rutherford Closes Schools for a Week After Smyrna Man Spills Slushie

Franklin Glaser, 25, of Smyrna dropped half of a large slushie drink on the ground this morning, causing Rutherford County to preemptively close schools for the coming week.

rutherford slushie

“You just can’t be too careful” explained Harris Halloran, a representative of the Rutherford County School System.  “Ice can be treacherous to drive on, so we take any reports of ice on the ground very seriously.  With a mess like what happened in Smyrna this morning, there’s no guarantee we can have the roads clear in time for Monday morning, or even by the end of the week.  We have to err on the side of caution here.”

Glaser attributed the slushie incident to bumping into a mailbox while walking and texting at the same time.  He noted that despite the blue-raspberry beverage being half-finished, he felt the school system was not overreacting to the circumstance.  “Well, it was a 64oz ‘Big Gulp’, so even half that could lead to hazardous road conditions.  I’ve already texted my wife to go to Kroger for all the bread and milk she can afford.”

The National Weather Service has dubbed this “the most severe weather incident involving ice in Rutherford County this century, more severe than the last six incidents since 2010 which were also dubbed the most severe.”


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