Southern Festival of Books Offers Fried, Health-Conscious, and Gourmet Books

The 24th Annual Southern Festival of Books kicked off at the Legislative Plaza and Downtown Public Library to great fanfare, offering bibliophiles from across the nation the chance to sample a variety of published works cooked by many of the finest chefs in America.

“I’m really looking forward to the session with Anthony Bourdain” noted Henry Wilson, a Belle Meade architect and self-describe “literature connoisseur.” Like Wilson, many people are anxious to see what both local and national stars, such as Gordon Ramsey from Fox Network’s “Hell’s Kitchen”, City House’s Tandy Wilson, and PM’s Arnold Myint.

Festival attendees can expect expert panels on how to pick the ripest manuscripts, hands-on workshops about the best way to fry or rotisserie classic novels, sample gourmet preparations of Italian and Russian treatises, and lectures on how to pick satisfying novellas for readers on a diet.

For some like Wilson, this festival is an annual treat. “I’ve come every year for the last decade. “The highlight is probably going to be the session with Erik Anderson from The Catbird Seat. He can do amazing things with a book you’d never dream of in a million years. I heard he can even make a Stephanie Meyer book palatable.”

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