Due To NHL Lockout, Preds Fans Celebrate “Charley Pride Day” Instead

As the labor dispute between the National Hockey League and its players nears the end of a second week, fans of the Nashville Predators NHL Franchise are choosing to forgo Predators Pride Day and hold Charley Pride Day events instead.

“Normally, Preds Pride Day is all about wearing your Predators apparel around town before an important game” explained local hockey fan Wilhelm Majors of Gallatin.  “Without a game, thanks to the lockout, it would just seem wrong.  And even a little silly.  So, instead, we’re encouraging all Predators fans to dress in Country & Western clothes for Charley Pride Day.  He’s an important part of Nashville history, and that deserves some recognition too.”

The website PuckYouNashville.org encourages those who wish to participate in Charley Pride Day to gather at Legends Bar on the corner of Broadway and 5th Ave North on any night when a now-cancelled Predators game was originally scheduled.  Participants are asked to wear 1970’s-era country/western style clothing, and to drink a beer while wistfully staring across the intersection at the unoccupied Bridgestone Arena.


Gnash image found at http://siloamhealth.blogspot.com/2011/01/friday-feature-meet-siloams-newest.html.  Charley Pride image found at http://mykisscountry937.com/event/charlie-pride-concert-at-the-horsehoe-riverdome/.

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