TN Democrats Raise $15 In a Single Night

With only six weeks until the November elections, TN Democrats found renewed spirit in their campaigning efforts last night when a fundraising telethon raised an estimated fifteen dollars in one evening.

“This is unprecedented” exclaimed TN Democratic Party member Jane Whinton of Antioch.  “We knew that Tennessee might finally be starting to regain some democratic support, but nobody expected this!  It’s more than twice what we’ve raised at any other fundraiser this year.  To see so many of our citizens are finally starting to shift blue again after being such a very, very red state for all this time… it’s just so encouraging.”

A group of 50 volunteers gathered last night to hold a phone-bank, randomly calling citizens all across the state and request monetary pledges in support of November campaigning.  Raul Berry, a spokesman for TN Democrats, noted “We can’t say for sure just yet how all that money will be spent; first it has to actually be collected.  But if you ask me, I’d prefer to see it used to buy a yard sign or two.  Or maybe even just one larger sign for one of the Senate write-in candidates.”


Phone-bank picture found at

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