Goodlettsville Little League Team Denies Allegations of Pixie-Stix Use

The Little League World Series was rocked today by allegations that members of the undefeated Goodlettsville All-Stars team have been using performance-enhancing Pixie Stix.  The charges, made by the LLWS Commission, are being denied by the team and its staff.

“These are good boys, and the charges against them are baseless” according to a prepared statement released by team spokesman Alex Johannsen this morning.  “Not a single player on our team has used Pixie-Stix to boost their performance.  What you see out there on the field is pure talent and training, nothing else.  Furthermore, the rumors of wild parties with excessive amounts of soda and pizza are categorically untrue.  This is a witch-hunt, and the LLWS has gone too far by making such public accusations.”

The Goodlettsville All-Stars , undefeated champions of the Southeast region, are currently scheduled to compete Wednesday night against the McAllister Park Nationals from San Antonio, TX (undefeated champs of the Southwest division).  The game will be broadcast live from Williamsport, PA on ESPN3.


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