Titans “Totally Over Peyton”; Seen Club-hopping with Eli

Earlier this week, former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning disappointed the Tennessee Titans and their fans by choosing to sign-on with the Denver Broncos instead.  Though anticipation of the UT-Knoxville alumnus’ possible return to the Volunteer State had spurred great excitement among the local NFL franchise, the Titans organization claims that they are already “totally over Peyton” and have moved on with their life.

“We’ll always treasure what we had with Peyton” said Titans representative Joel Manning (no relation) at a press conference yesterday.  “The couple of hours we spent in negotiations were really something special.  But we just weren’t right for each other; he knew that and, deep down, we knew that.  Seeing him with Elway was hard to accept at first, but it’s better this way.  And we’re happy for him.  We really are.  Peyton and the Titans will always be friends, but we’re also ready to move on.”

Meanwhile, the Titans’ offensive line was seen last night dancing at several local nightspots with New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, Peyton’s brother.  Eli and the Titans visited several downtown clubs including Limelight and Graham Central Station, even stopping to sing karaoke at Paradise Park; witnesses claimed the Titans seemed to be “very into Eli”.  “They were all up on him” said Judy Bishop, a Vandy student and Limelight waitress.  “I was all ‘Wow, I guess they moved on pretty damn quick’.  But it was really weird.  One minute, they were all over [Eli’s] end-zone, ya’ know, and then the next minute, they were looking around nervously, like they were expecting to see someone walk in.  You could tell that they had something on their mind.  I even thought I saw one of them crying during a slow dance at one point.”

In a statement this morning, a representative for the Denver Broncos briefly called the public displays between Eli and the Titans “pathetic.  It’s just really sad to see the Titans trying to get [Peyton’s] attention that way.  And using Eli like that is just low.  Nobody likes desperation, and [the Titans] are better than that.  They need to just get over it, stop being a psycho-hose-beast, and get in the now.”


(illustration taken from photos found at nightclub-osny.com [background], nypost.com [Eli], and profootballfocus.com & operationsports.com [Titans]).

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