Renowned designer set to unveil 2012 “Musica” fashions.

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Internationally-famous fashion-designer Pierre Coste’, better known to the public as “Francq?”, is in Nashville this week to prepare for the unveiling of his summer 2012 fashions for the statue Musica.  “I am very pleased with the look of this season’s designs, and I think Nashville will be equally pleased” Francq? told reporters today, speaking with the aid of a translator.  “I think Music City will see that these are statue-dressings to be proud of.”

Ever a source of controversy, Musica was first unveiled to a mixed reception in 2003.  The $1.1million bronze statue located in the Music Row Roundabout, featuring several naked individuals of various ethnicities dancing in a circle, initially sparked a debate over decency and nudity in public art installations.  In more recent years, citizens have inexplicably been equally upset about various groups creating special clothing for the statues to commemorate special events.  For Saint Patrick’s Days, the statues can regularly be seen wearing kilts and blouses, while the statues tend to be found wearing oversized Nashville Predators jerseys when the local NHL franchise makes it into the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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Francq? is the first clothier officially commissioned by the Metro Department of Fashion and Aesthetics to design outfits for Musica.  “We wanted there to be a consistent thought process between the statue’s various looks this year” explained MDFA representative Harris Byner.  “With all the various citizens just dressing it at random, there wasn’t really a “look” that you could point to and say ‘that’s what they’re going for. I see it!’  I think that bringing Francq? in will bring a much-needed coherent through-line to Musica.  It’ll be fabulous!”

Francq? has said that the summer 2012 look will be daring with its color choices, yet still maintain the conservative look which he feels exemplifies the area.  “Nashville is a dynamic town, struggling to maintain a balance of edginess and traditional values.  I feel that using modified, near-conventional designs, while using a bold color palette which can stand-out against the dull bronze of the forms, will highlight this struggle and yet also be quite beautiful” said Francq?. Following the unveiling of his new Musica line, Francq? will next fly to New York City to begin work as a consultant for the next season of Project Runway: All-Stars.

The fashions will be premiered during a fashion show event at the Ryman next week.  “Smaller versions of the outfits will be used on the runway, of course” noted Byner.  “There’s no way we’d ever find models tall enough to fit the actual clothes.  And don’t think I haven’t tried.”

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