City of LaVergne Missing for Six Days; Murfreesboro “Very Disappointed” With Smyrna

After nearly a week of searching, local authorities are no closer to finding the City of LaVergne, TN.  LaVergne, a city of almost 32,600 residents which spans nearly 25 square miles, was last seen in the Northwest corner of Rutherford County near the Davidson County border.  Members of the Rutherford County Sherriff’s Departments, assisted by State Troopers, Davidson County deputies, and volunteers, have tirelessly searched northern Rutherford for days, but have not yet turned up any sign of LaVergne.

“We’re just really scared” admitted the City of Murfreesboro.  “We only want it to be found safely and unharmed.  That’s what we’re all praying for.”  Murfreesboro also noted that Smyrna was supposed to be watching LaVergne at the time of the disappearance, and that while Murfreesboro still loves them very much, they are “very disappointed at [Smyrna’s] inattention and lack of responsibility.”

Rutherford County deputies briefly detained the City of Eagleville for questioning in the disappearance, but Eagleville was subsequently released without charge.  Deputy Sarah Binghoff told reporters “Eagleville was never a suspect, and this is still not being considered an abduction.  At this point, we have no reason to believe this is anything other than LaVergne simply got lost or, possibly, ran away.”

State law-enforcement protocol dictates that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation take over the search effort starting tomorrow.  TBI spokesman Willard Manus responded to reporters that the TBI’s first step will be to likely set-up a hotline, which people can call if they happen to locate LaVergne.  “Our first concern, of course, is for LaVergne and its residents. They could be scared, hungry, or even injured.  That’s why it’s crucial for anyone who finds LaVergne, or signs of its whereabouts, to call us immediately.”

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